Look at that Moon

Words & music © 2007 Jeremy Greenhouse

We debuted this song at the 2012 North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas and were lucky enough to have EJ Jones sit in with us. EJ plays bamboo flute on this track, and also tin whistle on Janna.

Just look at that moon, before you say good-bye
Remember the big sky and a beautiful June
Where you are going, we can’t be together
But I’ll be there whenever you look at that moon

South Carolina, it’s so far from the Great Plains
The fields and the freight trains, Won’t you please come back soon?
And if you ever wonder how much I miss you
How I’m longing to kiss you, just look at that moon

Just look at the moon coming up at the day’s end
Looking down like an old friend who’s been there all along
Just look at the moon, put your troubles behind you
Let the moonlight remind you that someone is thinking of you

This year’s been a hard one, and love is still a riddle
But the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune
And if you ever wonder if I still love you
Turn your eyes up above you and look at that moon
Turn your eyes up above you, and look at that moon