Words & music © 2009 Jeremy Greenhouse

Loosely based on Jeremy’s parents’ migration from San Diego to rural Ontario. Picture (in black and white, of course) a young couple, two toddlers, a dog and some big dreams, all heading north in a VW van.

This is how it started: two names in the sand
Horses on the ocean and a diamond in her hand
Running down the boardwalk caught up in a swirl
Of summertime, strawberry wine and a sun-speckled girl

California (faraway)
California, so far far far away
California (faraway)
They never warn you that life just slips away
It just slips away

We said goodbye San Diego without a second thought
Gazed into the canyon – the desert wind was hot
Up onto the mountain closer to the sky
Come rolling down took a look around trying to find a better life than


Remember us in ’98, caught behind the hit parade
Salty Dog was on the trap, my daddy drinking in the back
The crowd was gone there was no one left, I stuck a Jerry Jones around my neck
Stepped up to the microphone and said “Take me home”