Janna’s Gettin’ Married

Words & music © 2007 Jeremy Greenhouse

For Janna and Dwight, whose wedding we played at some years back. Not a true story, but we’d be willing to bet there were a few broken hearts in the crowd that day.

I pull into the old town after many years and miles
I’m slapping hands with high school friends and faking smiles
The church is filled with flowers, I straighten up my sleeve
The music starts, and my poor heart still cannot believe, that

Janna’s getting married (woah-ho-ho)
Bells are gonna ring (woah-ho-ho)
Janna’s getting married, everyone is happy
Everyone but me

She was still a sophomore, we took my old red car
It was summer love and the stars above down by the reservoir
Then I moved to the city, she said that she would wait
But I played cool and like a fool I let her slip away, now


And she’s walking down the aisle now
And she never looked so beautiful
Every once in a while
You find something worth believing
You find something worth believing
You find something