Swing to the Left

Words & music © 2001 Jeremy Greenhouse

We have been playing this song since our first gig, and will undoubtedly be playing it at our last. We recorded it on our original “demo” CD but thought it could use some sprucing up. Plus back then we didn’t have Bille tearing it up on the electric gee-tar.

A dog day sunset has come and gone
Satellite dish moon is a-rising
We’ve got Dylan on the boombox singing “Every Grain of Sand”
Your head on my shoulder and your waist in my hands

Swing to the left, swing to the right
It looks like love on a magic night

I cried out to Jesus and he said, “Jem, here’s the scoop
Don’t look for answers if you want to know the truth
But follow every highway, scour every sky
Watch for the woman with the looking-glass eye”


Everybody listened as the politician spoke
He said “It’s time to stand up for the ordinary folk”
And he accidentally meant it, and the critics held their tongue
And just for a moment, the world was one