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The Sweet Colleens are David Bade, Jeremy Greenhouse, Pete Sandvik, Jeff Gram and Scott Keever – accomplished multi–instrumentalists who together fuse their diverse musical backgrounds into a high energy, infectious, and crowd–pleasing mix of “Celtic folk–rock and alt. country/Americana, with Cajun and Caribbean seasonings.” With infectious original songs, warm vocal harmonies, and fiery instrumental arrangements, The Sweet Colleens are winning a loyal local following and fans across the Midwest and beyond.

The Sweet Colleens bring diverse musical backgrounds to bear on their truly unique folk–rock sound. Jeremy Greenhouse (vocals, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica), has recorded and performed extensively with Celtic, rock, Cajun and country acts in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Pete Sandvik (accordion, piano, guitar, vocals), brings Cajun and rock influences, classically–trained dexterity, and a not–so–secret love for the Grateful Dead to his accordion playing with the Sweet Colleens. David Bade (bass, vocals) offers rock solid bass during the Sweet Colleens live shows, and everything from bluegrass picking guitar solos to cello on their recordings. Scott Keever (guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro) is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing in ensembles and theatre productions for over thirty years. He adds a plethora of colors and textures to the Sweet Colleens through his many instruments and influences. Finally, Jeff Gram (drums, percussion, steel drums), besides being one of the best kit players in the Twin Cities, is also an accomplished steel drum player. This has allowed us to feature Jeff on the steel drum during our sets, giving a unique twist to our Irish jigs and reels! Together, The Sweet Colleens offer a unique high–energy roots sound.




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“The Sweet Colleens are fluent in the blissfully forlorn folk–pop traditions that can wring both tears and nostalgic stories about your ex out of you. They can also go crazy green, throwing Celtic sparks and fiery, fiddle–fueled, whirling jigs. The Colleens are conversant, as well, in the stink and smoke of punk music. You’d swear at times that this is a progressive country group with traditionalist sensibilities and once in a great while, you might believe this Minneapolis band grew up wading through the muck and bugs of a Louisiana swamp.”
Michael Metzger, Skyway News, Minneapolis


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